Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Title: Quartet at the Quay

Image size: 24 x 30 in.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


I was thinking of doing a painting about Quandary Bay's Quay. Hmmmm... Quandary and Quay... that gave me an idea, wouldn't it be interesting if I make this work ala-Sesame Street on the Letter Q! So here are the Q's....

The Quilted Quail gifts and souvenirs shop... where you can buy knick knacks, sweatshirts and tees with the big Q print without having to queue up.

Here are the barbers of Quincy's giving a fine rendition of a popular hit that makes the kids want to get up and dance.

Queenie's Gelateria offers homemade ice cream made daily from fresh cow's milk. They have 51 flavors of ice cream, gelatos, choco-dipped bars, sundaes, smoothies, and other goodies!

Here is a young couple enjoying their ice cream; meanwhile the guy in blue is all engrossed looking at the marina unaware his dog has run off....

...to rescue a little boy scared by the mascot, Queenie the Cow! LOL

Fast food treats at the Quirky Chef Restaurant... where you can order takeout pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, and other delicious artery-clogging delights!

I saw on CNN the latest pet spa craze... now you can have your pets dyed! Isn't that cool? LOL. Here is a branch of the Quintessence chain... where you can have your pets decked out in the latest fashion colors!

Have you ever seen a real Platform boat? It is one of the coolest boats you can find anywhere! My friend Judy K., a boat enthusiast, will want to have a party in one when she sees this painting. This single element, for me so far, is the most challenging thing to paint and it took me quite a while to finish.
This boat is owned by the QUEST Scuba Divers' Club. It has dozens of oxygen tank ready for the weekend dives in the reef. See the resident cat waiting patiently for a delectable treat... the occasional fish that leaps onto the platform.

While the cat waits, the fish leaps into the wrong side! It scared the heck out of the dogs... and the boy lost all control. Amidst the commotion a gull sweeps in for the prize!

Here is a close-up shot of the surprised Spaniel with all four legs up in the air!


Check out the cool Q's... Quincy's Barbershop Quartet, Quilted Quail Gifts Shop, Queenie's Gelateria, Quirky Chef Takeout, Quintessence Pet Spa, Quest Scuba Club, a boat named Quicksilver, all in the busy busy Quandary Bay Quay!

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