Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"The Chase"

This is me with my entry to the Pacific Salmon Conservation Stamp Art Competition. (Click on the picture for a bigger view)

Unfortunately, this painting didn't win... what a big disappointment! 8^( However, there is next year's competition... unless I have completely given up.

Till the next project.... thanks for visiting.

"The Chase" - My entry to 2006-2007 Pacific Salmon Conservation Stamp Art Competition

I added 2 more little fish... giving them a fighting chance of escape... nature is now balanced, I guess. I know viewers will feel better with this picture.

Did some more tweaking with the light and shadows... piled on more details on the rocks (STOP! Please stop... PLEEEEEEZE!!!).

Finally signed it... DONE! Posted by Picasa

This is the fun part... putting in the details.

The most challenging part is painting the scales... there is a pattern flow at the same time the grayish green shade moves from dark to light in specific parts.

This could be the finished work, but for my wife's comments... my worst critic. Have you ever heard of the term "poor fish?" Posted by Picasa
The salmon is first "primed" or painted in white then some grays for the later details.

Meanwhile I go crazy putting on more details and colors on the rocks... since these are free forms I have complete freedom, and also the danger of going overboard! Posted by Picasa
I sketched out the shape of the salmon on a separate sheet of paper, when I was satisfied with the size and proportion, it is then transferred unto the canvas. Posted by Picasa
Added a fallen branch... the dark element for contrast. Posted by Picasa

The Chase (Subject: Salmon)

I'm using acrylic paint on canvas. I started painting the background with a light wash covering the entire surface. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Painting's Done!

A commissioned artwork for an avid art collector... a story of summer days spent in Betula Beach... a time and place filled with love and wonderful memories. I'm so honored to record it in a painting that will be passed down through the generations as a treasured family heirloom. Thank you! Posted by Picasa


Check out those cool toys... Honda ATV's!

Curious skunk: "What are those girls thinking?!?"

(There really was a resident skunk... so he's included in the painting for posterity! LOL) Posted by Picasa


Summer fun at the lake!
Posted by Picasa


Popcorn time at the fire pit... and look Ma, leaping goldfish! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Day 11
That brick "wall" bothered me no end... there's no alternative but to re-do it! Now it has a better perspective and that makes me feel much better!

Notice the pigeon hawks and their nest with chicks in the tree. One summer those hawks terrorized the family. Posted by Picasa
Day 8
Well, I think the big tree looks great! Can't believe the many days spent worrying about it.

Finished the brick platform and my son Kirby commented that it looks like a wall. Well, excuse me... my work has that "naive" look and I think it fits right in; besides, it took me one whole afternoon painting it! Posted by Picasa
Day 5
A bit of trepidation regarding the big spruce tree that is about to cover part of the house. Hmmmm... have to proceed with caution... if the spruce size or shape is not perfect there's no way to correct it but re-do the entire house! That's 4 day's work down the drain. Posted by Picasa

Project: Betula

Day 1 of painting "A Day at Betula Beach"

Acrylic paint on Canvas
Image size 30" x 24" Posted by Picasa