Thursday, August 24, 2006



Title: Cat Lovers Society

Image size: 24 x 30 in.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

WELCOME and view my latest painting... all about CATS!

Picture here, friends of SPCA enjoying a fine weekend of fund raising.

Click on the image for a bigger view. Be sure to scroll down to see some close-up details. Posted by Picasa

Detail (Cat Lovers Society)

More quilts on display on the balcony... Sailor Cat... Paw prints flag... etc. Posted by Picasa

Detail (Cat Lovers Society)

Busy busy busy Quilting bee finishing up another colorful piece.
Take your time to check out the quilts... each piece designed around their best friend, the c-a-t. Posted by Picasa

Detail (Cat Lovers Society)

Cat meows: "I like your hat... as much as I like Sun Bonnet Sue the Cat!"

Oh look, Mother cat marching her brood to a new home.
Is that what we called a black sheep... or rather a black kit of the family? Posted by Picasa

Detail (Cat Lovers Society)

Cat's thought:
"Funny that mailbox looks just like me!"
"Really, how many twins do I have... just saw one in a bike basket... and now this!" Posted by Picasa

Detail (Cat Lovers Society)

A fine day to shine up the toys... like father like son.

Watch this magic... a super long cat under the quilt?

Check out the topiary cat... trying to catch a lark! Posted by Picasa

Detail (Cat Lovers Society)

Wise cat quips: "Holy Catnip! There goes another one for the vet. Look at this guy with a lampshade."
"Well, I told ya guys don't play in the tree... or risk losing one of your 9 lives!" Posted by Picasa

DETAIL (Cat Lovers Society)

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So yummy good... comparable to the fabled "food of the gods!"
Your cat will
purrrrr with delight!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my painting...
watch for this work in Limited Edition print in the near future.
Until the next painting... thank you for visiting my blog. Posted by Picasa

DETAIL (The Merry Men of Swansea)

A retired couple waiting for their beers and snacks in their yacht named "Raymund" 2.4.D.C. (2-for-the-sea... get it?) LOL Posted by Picasa