Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terracotta Warriors Project

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Snow clouds in metallic silver painted all over the dark blue sky.

Golden warriors never die, they ride away in glory across the endless sky!


Metallic gold paint is ragged on red ground, creating a rich "brocade" look.

Heather gray is done by ragging 3 shades of light gray mixed with metallic silver paint.

 The Chinese characters mean... Honor, Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Skillful. These are the characteristics of a true Utopian Warrior!

Tassel footwear is very Michael Jackson... square but very cool... love it!

 The Warriors and I

Thank you for looking!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Terracotta Warriors

This is a limited edition art project of B.C. Lions Society in association with Royal B.C. Museum, for the benefit of Easter Seals/Children with Disabilities.

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Two of my designs were chosen by Canadian corporate sponsors for this project.

Received the blank statues on March 3, 2012...
the project must be completed within 3 weeks!

Getting warmed up and ready to embellish the warriors.

1. "The Golden Warrior"

 Painting in progress.  His suit is dark blue with allover metallic silver snow clouds design.

 2. "The Utopian"
Oops... wrong paint on the epaulet!  Quick wipe-off before it dries.

 Metallic gold paint on the head and hands, metallic bronze on armor and pedestal.

 Metallic bronze paint on armor and pedestal.  The face will have human features.

Work still in progress. 

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