Friday, June 17, 2011

ART COLUMNS at Brighouse Station

 This is my artwork just installed at the Art Column located right outside the Brighouse Station of Canada Line.  All four paintings are commissioned work under the Public Art Program of the City of Richmond.  The project was 2-years in the making, and finally it is up... but my name and the titles are not yet installed, they should appear at the top in the next few days.  The artworks will stay for the next 6 months.

Seen here is "The Harvest Moon" which is facing the station's glass wall.  It is visible to people going up and down the escalators.  During the evening and nighttime, the images are back lit.

 The bus stops here.  This is quite a busy area, people getting off the bus face the column directly, those waiting for the next bus stand in line near it and they look at the art to while their time away.

 This is me... beside my "Dockside Bears."  Across the street is Richmond Centre, the largest shopping mall in this city.

 This artwork is titled "Steveston Landing." Steveston is a historical fishing village located at the southwest of Richmond.  It is famous for its many dockside restaurants and quaint shops. 

 I took this picture from across No.3 Road, the busiest thoroughfare in the city center.  It is one street many people avoid during Saturday afternoon, the traffic is bumper to bumper.

 This is "Cat Lovers' Bazaar," installed here facing south, people coming out of the station see it immediately.

The setting of this artwork is the Minoru Park just a block away from here.  The Church is the Minoru Chapel, and the lake at the back is the huge lagoon on the north side of the park.

This is Cindy, my lovely wife. She just came from the City Hall, her purse is lighter after paying our property tax!  The Richmond City Hall is only a short walk away across the street.

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