Thursday, May 29, 2008


Title: Purr-fect Blooms
Image size: 24 x 30 in.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

- Details -
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It's spring time and Purr-fect Blooms is all aglow with colorful flowers! This is a little sea-side garden shop with some of most beautiful fresh flower arrangements this part of town. This morning as usual the shop owners are busy taking care of the plants and keeping an eye on the playful kittens.

A close up shot of the old lighthouse which for many years serves as a faithful beacon to ships that pass this way.
This schooner code named C4T5, also known as the "Cats" to the locals, sails off early ahead of the weekend crowd.
Here I painted one of the shop-owners preparing the pot for more topiaries. The scene looks simple now that it is done, but at the start it was a bit daunting figuring out how to position and paint the various objects that will overlap each other.
The park-like yard is turned into a great display area for many garden goodies.
I particularly like whirlygigs... whenever I see one I always think the inventor must be pretty clever coming up with a great design that actually works.
This is a great original idea for a fountain-birdbath, featuring a sculpture of Jonah Cat with a water-spouting fish!

A closer look at the various garden ornaments for sale. For years, I saw the 'stooping lady' in many gardens, so I'm a bit worried it may look tired and dated; but then can it be worse than the pink flamingo? So here she is... and I've given her a pet cat!
As always, I must have my favorite pet in my painting. Here are some mischievous kittens having fun... exploring the garden's every nook and cranny. I have some of them chasing butterflies that were attracted by the wonderful scent of spring flowers.
It's spring time!

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